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 History about the ISO converter

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PostSubject: History about the ISO converter   Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:06 am

About the ISO converter, it was the original idea started by Wiimm back in CTGP 1.01 but as you know when CTGP1.02 came out as far i know Wiimm didn't updated the converter either until almost the end of CTGP 1.02 and several people tried to get the CTGP ISO converter updated but most ended with either broken ISO or simply it didn't work. Then i decided to learn how that is done and then i uploaded a video about creating CTGP ISO in 4 step which now has almost 20,000 views. That converter has a simple set up with bunch of bat files doing diferent stuff like extract only to then install music and texture hacks, looking at it now it's a complete mess. Then sometimes later that year a mod called Newer SMBWii came out and someone made an ISO converter for that mod so i decided to take look at it, looked profesionally made so decided to try and copy that style which took months perfecting it and finally made it so looked on a pack so i could use it, there is where i saw Wine's CT Pack v4 video, i liked the presentation very much so i had to get the pack then tried to make an ISO, it worked so uploaded a video about creating Wine CT Pack ISO to then see many japanese people sharing on twitter. Then months later someone requested on MKWII[dot]com a ISO converter for MKW Hack Pack v2, when i looked at it i thought it wasn't bad so i made one as well but that converter i didn't do a video or advertised, i just put the download link on MKWII[dot]com and moved on. Then like 8 months later MKW Hack Pack v3 was out this is where i blindly updated the converter to then in 8 months later some things where broken and decided to come back to play MKWII and that's where i played MKW Hack Pack online for the first time. MKW Hack Pack 3.14 didn't lasted long enough for me to play it but then MKW Hack Pack v4 came out and it got to the point that many people likes it because it got to the point where it was the best pack to play and saw kdjungle liking it more than CTGP because it was more open for mods than CTGP and that's how this story made up to today ^y^.
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History about the ISO converter
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